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Jacqueline –

Victim Location 61239

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

these scammers are not registered with the ScamPulse.com they dont exhist, ive paid them 500 plus dollars and had no protection, the new CO im with found 7 issues with my lap top the absolute softtech said they put protection on, they kept telling me i need this protection and that protection and in reality they done nothing but charge me over and over, i felt something was wrong. i got a new printer and went to HP for installation help they detected all the problems with my lap top and a new software co came on to help, thank god they did, the bad people was following me and made my lap top act funny so i would call them to get help, i was told i needed more protection and charged more money, this is a complete scam i reported to my bank and credit card co and i most likely wont get any money back sense there address is fake and the phone line is fake, they also installed a software to watch my every move and it was found by new co and removed, im begging everyone to please listen these people are scammers and will rob you of all the money they can, my lap top was wide open to anyone to steal my info and ECT.. now they are harassing me, ABSOLUTE SOFTTECH 4145 SAN MARCO DR GLEN ALLEN VA, SCAMMERS ScamPulse.com SAID THIS ADD AND NAME DONT EXHIST SO IM OUT OVER 500 PLUS DOLLARS, ITS THE HONEST TO GODS TRUTH. i tried yesterday to make my scammer report but was not able due to them having a hidden icon allowing them to see my lap top and blocked me at every move, i didnt know this till today when my new great protection co found it and removed it now they cant see me and its important to stop these scammers from hurting anyone else. thank you to SAPPAIRE SOFTTECH SOLUTIONS FOR FINDING THESE SCAMMERS AND REMOVING THEM PERMINATLY FROM MY LAP TOP AND SECURING ME UP TIGHT, ANYONE NEEDING HELP CALL THESE PEOPLE TO GET RID OF THE SCAMMERS, 1 888 357 5222, ABSOLUTE SOFTTECH ARE SCAMMERS WILL PROMISE PROTECTION GIVE NONE TAKE YOUR MONEY MAKE YOU COMPUTER ACT UP TO GET YOU TO CALL AND CHARGE YOU MORE MONEY… CALL SAPPHIRE SOFTTECH SOLUTIONS TO GET RID OF THEM OR TO JUST GET GOOD PROTECTION, THEY ARE ScamPulse.com REGISTERED.. PLEASE…

Diana –

Victim Location 91741

Type of a scam Tech Support

They offered to scan my computer. They did and said they found a whole lot of problems. They then frightened me into a lifetime service. They kept calling and calling, different phone numbers; different people. Finally in a weak moment I said since I already paid for lifetime support go ahead and scan the computer. They then came back saying I needed system updates and clear DLL’files and for about $1000.00 they would do that. For more money; they would do it for a longer. I told them "I thought I already paid for lifetime support. Their answer was this type of support was not covered. Well Microsoft provides system updates for free; automatically. They said I was in REAL danger of being hacked and LOSING ALL MY PASSWORDS and a lot of money. Again the style was to call multiple time; from different phone numbers and different people. I feel they their lifetime support to get into your system; find things that "things that are not covered" and sell you up for more support sic. They have now started to us a Restricted phone number. They WILL NOT STOP PRESSURING ME. I have checked their claims with a friend who works and he sad they were after my money. He came over and checked my computers and felt they were scamming. I feel their harassment is elder abuse!!!!!

Keith –

Victim Location 78070

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Message like it was Microsoft saying I had a virus on my computerand not to do anything else on my computer and to call this number. They told me they work with Microsoft and it would cost me $500. To fix my computer. Hang up and reboot your computer.

Brandi –

Total money lost $891

Type of a scam Tech Support

An interruption on my computer advised that it was compromised and to contact MICROSOFT at a 1800 number. At this # I was promised that they could help by getting permission to access the computer. Being less than adept to computer issues I gave permission and provided my credit card # ( big mistake). The result was that I got absolutely no service. I asked for my money back and got the runaround with no satisfaction. I had to take my computer in to have it completely cleared and newly programmed ( at a cost). It is clear to me now that the company is a total fraud.

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