Acting as Facebook

Acting as Facebook Scam or Legit? Check Acting as Facebook Reviews below.
Ruben –

Victim Location 55106

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Other

I couldn’t get into my facebook account for some reason, so I contact facebook to see if they could help me so they said my account had been hacked. Then told me to go buy a google play card put a hundred dollars on it they could fix it and that I could get it back after they fix it…I did it like a dummy they and would call me back in two hours but of coarse they didn’t. Then I call them they told me it would cost more money because some one over sea hacked into my account they were talking to me crazy saying I know you have more money it not going to get fix if you don’t send more money I realize I’ve been scam.

Kathryn –

Victim Location 12901

Type of a scam Other

i called the 1800 number advertised online as FB: 800-315-0992. at this number it said to pay 25$ in iTunes card to help fix the hackers on my FB which they identified 4 states where it was actively being hacked-my FB account.

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