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Victim Location 99205

Total money lost $1,653

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Following email written to The Catholic Reader details the red flags and scam that was taking place.

1) Invoice was sent with an ad to approve that never existed with our company. As the person who creates the ad for our company, I caught this right away. It had the dba name followed by a city from a different state and was double in size and also in color. The ad did not meet our branding guidelines at all and old photography that is no longer in use with our company. This was the 1st red flag.

2) They were trying to hold us to a reservation that we never made nor committed to when we said we did not want to be part of their print.

3) When I told them the price was very high and not worth the ad they offered to "simply switch to black and white for half the cost". As a graphic designer I would expect a PRINT COMPANY to know that you must create an ad for black and white and that simply converting color to black and white is not correct and looks horrible.

4) The period of time in which they ask for approval is minimal and does not allow proper timing to commit or deny. With the owner out for 2 weeks on family emergency the phony due date lapsed and the spot is "reserved".

5) Upon reviewing other complaints on BBB that were unresolved, the publication The Catholic Reader claims to be printing does not even exist and does not circulate the local churches per their claim.

Bookkeeping Department


9:38 AM (22 minutes ago)

to The


I’m sorely disappointed. I opened up the ad copy that I created and sent last year which was completely different from what you sent last week. We had a 1/4 page, black and white ad that I created specifically for black and white print. I do not know where you came up with the awful ad you sent with*** name. Furthermore, you tried to sneak it by as a half page color ad for significantly more money. We have not had an ad with those specs, especially not last year to be rolling over to this year.

We did not ask for a spot to be reserved. You did not give appropriate notification or communication regarding this "reserved spot" and we have no signed contract with you. You simply sent a request for revision and a bill and gave minimal time to respond in which *** (owner) was out of office for 2 weeks and comes back to you telling her "well, the spots kinda already reserved".

From a design standpoint, you are a print company (supposedly), therefore you know that an ad cannot be simply switched from color to black and white and print properly. I have seen this happen and it looks horrible. Ads must be created for black and white. To hear you offer to simply change the color makes me question your integrity and quality of product.

This is bad business practice all the way around. Although you went around me and spoke to ***yesterday trying to convince her to go black and white, we have discussed that this is manipulation and smells like a scam. We have not permitted you to place that ad and we will not be paying you for a half page color ad, or any ad.

Even Further, I looked you up online on***’s behalf and found other complaints that you are a scam company. You will not be receiving any money from us. Do not send us any future ad requests. You will be seeing our review on to help others.

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