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America geek Scam or Legit? Check America geek Reviews below.
Amy –

Victim Location 14211

Total money lost $198

Type of a scam Tech Support

I purchased Geek from Best Buyer for 3 yrs. once the 3 yrs was over. Some how America Geek go into my computer in told me that they are the one who is handling the service now. But now everyday they are calling me telling me I’m going to get a refund back due to the service is shut down by FDIC. But to get your refund they ask for your banking information. In once you tell them that you don’t have account they hung up the line

Antonio –

Victim Location 27405

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Tech Support

In 2017 I was contacted stating that I was having a problem with my computer and in order to fix it they would have to have excess to my computer which I did because I had heard of them before and that it would cost $299.99 for 5 yrs on all my equipment. So I did. America Geek call me 2 days ago and had stated that their system had crashed and that the needed to refund me the original amount. So I let them have excess of my computer. While they had gained access of my computer, he asked for my bank name and he went to the banks website and asked me for my member number cause he was sending a check for $3,000 and that I would then send him back $2,700. I told him, that this doesn’t sound right and to log out of my account. While he as logging off my account to help stated that he would send me a check for $300 within. 3-4 business essential days and when 6 received it to give him a call back.

Once the call was completed I uninstalled every link that he used along with changing all my I’d’s and pass word, requested another debit card and changed my member number.

Mallory –

Victim Location 36526

Total money lost $595

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up appears on your Microsoft screen saying spyware is on your computer (looks like it is a Microsoft message with a phone number to call). It IS NOT from Microsoft – MIcrosoft DOES NOT provide this of pop up with a phone number included.

America geeks offers you anti spyware. They then ask you to let them install it on your computer. Once they get control they steal all your important accounts and data.

Hannah –

Victim Location 29588

Type of a scam Tech Support

On line switching from 1 website to my email. Message visually popped up plus non stop verbal warning that computer was taken over by randomized and spyware. Microsoft edge windows would shut computer down was the threat. Unless we called tech support # on our screen.

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