American Computer Services

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Christina –

Victim Location 47392

Type of a scam Tech Support

Alleged company called consumer by phone a few times. They say they are a company called American Computer Services from Walnut Creek, California. They are difficult to understand with a heavy foreign accent. Today’s caller said his name is Steve and that he had information that the consumer’s computer had a virus. (Consumer doesn’t have a computer.) She knew it was a scam but she asked questions to "lead him on." He said that his supervisors names are David Hopper/Hooper and Eric Walter. He told her he has a list of numbers he "has to call every day" but would not tell her where they got her number. She told him that they have called her in the past and when she told them she doesn’t have a computer, they told her she was lying. Consumer threatened to call BBB and other agencies, and he begged her not to, telling her that they will remove her number from their calling list. Consumer called to report this scam to BBB and she understands that the scammers are attempting to gain remote access to computers to steal personal information.

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