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Ian –

Victim Location 30062

Type of a scam Employment

Received an email stating that I needed to update my profile so that I could schedule an appointment for an interview. I had posted my resume on a couple of job sites so I figured the inquiry came from one of them. I went in and tried to schedule the interview but there was something wrong with the calendar. I had already received another job offer so I just ignored it. Then I got an email that said the following: Did you get my previous message? I am resending it here (below)..(My Name) I appreciate your patience this week as I worked application you through our pre-employment process. And I apologize for all of the emails. Nevertheless its been brought to my attention that I forgot to mention that your online profile must be updated and correct in order for the online scheduling tool to work properly. Having said that, please ensure your profile has been properly updated. To do so, please follow the steps below.

If you haven’t done so already please ensure your information is

updated at:

Also go to my online calendar to schedule a time for a call that is convenient for you.


1.) Update career profile at:

2.) Schedule phone interview at:

Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions.

If the above links do not work, please copy-and-paste the URL

into an open web browser to complete the process.

Best Regards,

Mark Bittermann

Executive Director Human Resource & Talent Management

AMERIT International Consulting & Search Group

+1(312) 586 – 9649

[email protected]

By this time, I’m a little concerned because if you are emailing you should already have my info and I shouldn’t need to update my profile. So I send an email back asking about the position and I received a scripted response about if I was still interested. I checked all of the sites I had my application posted to see if the company was one of the employers posting and I could find one. I saw names that were similar but nothing. I googled all of the addresses listed on the website and they are all generic office buildings with no specific suite addresses. The domain is only 20 days old and I can’t find anything on their website about the history of the company. The recording on the voicemail recording is a generic text to speech voice recording which you can’t leave a message on. It just cuts off and the call ends.

I have received multiple emails in a weeks span. All of which have prompted responses that appears to have been coded.

I found the company on a scam list as well:

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