Ann’s Teacup Yorkie Village

Ann’s Teacup Yorkie Village Scam or Legit? Check Ann’s Teacup Yorkie Village Reviews below.
Ricardo –

Victim Location 28562

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We were purchasing a puppy. The fee included shipping with a signed contract and 100% refund if we didn’t get the dog. We checked with the shipping company and they verified the seller was a long standing customer (the seller – Ann’s Teacup Yorkie Village and the shipper Global Door2Door Express are partners in this scam). According to them the dog was in Kansas City, MO, but there was a new law requiring pet insurance. We would be reimbursed upon delivery. If we refused we would be charged with a Federal crime of Pet abandonment because the paperwork was all in our name. The seller agreed to pay half, so we paid the other half. The next day we were told because of the heat we needed to pay for special crate. Finally just an hour before scheduled delivery we were told we needed to pay another fee to get the dog into North Carolina. We refused and the phone numbers to both the seller and shipping company were blocked. We filed a local police report, and FBI report and every scam website we can find.

Francisco –

Victim Location 75703

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So an ad on Face Book.

Said they had Teacup Yorkie’s for sale. Consumer sent 600.00 from Wal Mart to Wal Mart. Then Leonard Tucker called Mitiz and told her they wouldn’t let him have the money. She only sent 300.00 by Western Union. Again he called her they wouldn’t let him have it. She got the 300.00 back. He then told her to get an Amazon card and call and give him the number. She did call and give the number. Then the day the puppy was to be delivered the shipping company Global Door to Door called and told her they needed 2025.00 for insurance. At this point she figured it was a scam and sent no more money. She told them it was a scam and would not be sending any more money.

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