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Zachary –

Victim Location 44240

Total money lost $1,266

Type of a scam Tech Support

They claim they are Apoyo Solutions and are going out of business, and want to refund your money back to you.And will clean your computer/laptop for the last time.And ask how will you want your money back.I open my online banking and they return my back for $300, but they gave me it 3 times,and over refunded me. I told them I would gave they the money back.They wanted their money back send by Western Union. I went to Western Union to return their money and they claim they never got it. I look at my online banking and can see It was not send, but was return to me.I send it again. When I got home, I realize they took to much money from my checking, saving and credit card without my ok. I called them wanted my money back, they told me they would take of the problem the next day. Alex called me and told me he was the Corporate Refund Manger and could return my money the same day. He told me he could not use the same bank because they were problems transferring the money and it would take 5 to 7 days and wanted me to use another bank. I went to the other online bank, but I never set up the online bank username and password , and the bank gave me a temp username and password.I try to set it up, but Alex decided to use my username and password from my other bank without my knowing about it and would get my money in hour and would call back to make sure I received it.He never did.I try to call them, and could only could leave a message. So I decided to look up Apoyo Solutions online and called them,they told me they was not going out of business and they scam other clients they had and that is why they knew how money to refund and how to access your computer/laptop/device, and put anti-virus ions on it. I had the Real Apoyo Solutions clean it up and they told me they disable my mal- ware program. So I decided to go to my bank and try to get my money back from these scam artist, well they make a big mistake, because when I look at my online banking it said 300 +300 +300. But when the Bank Worker show me on their computer screen it said 3.00 +3.00+ 3.00 in Saving transfer fee. Then I knew the Scam Artist change the numbers on my online banking. They also went into my email, turn on my web cam and took a pic of my home and took all my my money from my saving, checking and credit card

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