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Alexis –

Victim Location 85040

Total money lost $190

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They offer a free trial of their product for shipping and handling.I did not see anything on the pngage about any further charges or auto shipments or that an account was created.When I checked my credit card account I saw they had charged an additional amount for the product.The customer service person said there are terms at the bottom of the page.I did not see anything from the link you go on to give your information about this.I don’t think the link brought up any terms or conditions.The only link I found after I was charged is at the bottom of the main pngage that is not noticiable and would be easily missed.It is very misleading as I feel they tried to hide the terms and mislead people to think your only cost is the shipping and handling cost.

Christy –

Victim Location 51250

Total money lost $98.11

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They had a "free" 14 day trial and only shipping of $4.98. Did not see anywhere where it mentioned calling and canceling if you did not like item. Found a $98.11 charge on my credit card for the initial tiny free sample. Called to complain and they said the terms and conditions were mailed with product, but I did not receive anything in my packaging. Called to complain and they said that I could return it unopened for a full refund. I had opened it to try the free sample so could no longer return.

Deborah –

Victim Location 94611

Total money lost $98.11

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The following article http://supplementpolice.com/aviqua/ did a good job explaining the scam and I have listed the excerpt below. My experience was similar and more are coming out on Facebook and via Google search and Amazon reviews – this company also disconnected the contact phone numbers on my bank statements but I tracked one down that worked and contacted my bank to mediate and dispute the charges if necessary.

They hook you through a trial offer, starting an auto-pay of two separate payments equaling about $200 per month and make it very difficult to get a refund once cancelled and try to charge a $9.95 per item restocking fee. Very deceptive and unscrupulous practices. They do not identify the company that manufacturers the product only a distributor.

"That trial offer is advertised as costing only $4.98 for “shipping & handling”. However, hidden in the fine print at the bottom of the Aviqua ordering page, you’ll see that there are hundreds of dollars of hidden, pre-authorized credit card payments added onto your order.

Here’s the important part of the text to read:

“You will have 14 days to try the product. 14 days from the date of purchase, you will be charged $98.11 and enrolled in our autoshipment program.”

That autoship program ships additional orders of Aviqua to your address every month and charges you $98.11 every month for the rest of your life (or until you cancel). So even though you didn’t explicitly order the additional skin creams, the manufacturer sends them to you anyway.

The problem with this scam is that all of the information is hidden in extremely light-colored, small text at the bottom of the Aviqua ordering page. Meanwhile, the initial “$4.98” fee is prominently advertised across the page. It appears the manufacturer has deliberately tried to hide the full details of the scam in an effort to get users to sign up.

Meanwhile, there’s also an extra $1.98 fee for “Shipping Safe Secure Ship” that will be billed separately. This extra fee does not appear to do anything – it literally just appears to be a cash grab.

Making all of this worse is that Aviqua only comes in a 15mL, 0.5 ounce container. The manufacturer claims this is a one month supply, although it’s unlikely to last more than two weeks for most users.

Hint: If you do want to order the Aviqua trial, and you want to save money on it, then hit the “Back” button after reaching the ordering page. The manufacturer will automatically apply a 50% off coupon to your order.

Aviqua Refund Policy

Aviqua is notoriously bad about giving away refunds. Here is the company’s official refund policy:

“If you cancel before the 14 day trial ends, you may be charged a $9.95 retention fee for keeping the product. After 14 days from the date of purchase, opened packages are not eligible for refunds, even if they are returned. After 30 days, all shipments are ineligible for refunds even if they are unopened.”

Karen –

Victim Location 92313

Total money lost $98.11

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They advertise a free sample of their skin cream for a $4.95 shipping charge, for which they take your credit card information. After 14 days of order date, you must call them to cancel or be billed $98.11 for a monthly charge for a standing order. This information is in very small print in a really light font color, which is also unreadable.

Miranda –

Victim Location 84414

Total money lost $1.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On facebook there is a very misleading scam where the company misleads you into believing that you are buying another product by another name and then redirecting you to another page to order. They tell you that you have 14 days to cancel and then when you call to cancel they tell you they are going to charge you 9.98. The original offer is a for free trial for 14 days and you pay for the shipping that was 4.98. On my credit card there is an additional charge for 1.98. I called my credit card company to tell them about the scam and that I told them to cancel my subscription (which was in small print so I didn’t know I was ordering a subscription at the time of purchase.) They said a one time payment of 4.98 was all I would pay. When I called to cancel it took 30 minutes of being on hold before anyone would pick up. A foreigner from India answered and would not let me cancel. She said you must try it for 30 days first or at least 14 days, I said no and she hung up on me…….. Dont buy this product it is a scam!!!!!

Beth –

Victim Location 01969

Total money lost $187.37

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On TV, there was a commercial for a 14 day trial period for the product. You just pay for shipping & handling. I ordered Aviqua and received an email confirmation. Minutes later, I received another email confirming my order for Lucana Eye Serum. I NEVER ordered this nor authorized this. I emailed back stating just that (2 times) — have never received a response. There is no mention of Lucana on Aviqua’s website.

First off, the only reason that I even thought this might NOT be a scam is because Lori Grenier from SharkTank endorsed this product.

When I gave my information for the "free trial offer," I didn’t see a problem with saying $4.98 for shipping and handling, which seemed reasonable. Then I get a pop-up for the Eye Serum and had no way to say "no thank you," and now I’m being charged for its shipping and handling as well for $4.99.

I received the box, and lo and behold, BOTH products are in the SAME box, so I paid $10 for shipping and handling that really probably only cost $2.50.

Okay moving on. I called within my 14-day "trial period" and told them that I wanted to cancel the subscription. The operator came back and said he could give me a 14-day extension on the trial period and 50% off of all the products. I said, "no thank you, please cancel."

He said I could send the product back UNOPENED. How can you have a trial period and touch and feel the product without opening the packaging? Fine, he said, he could charge me $9.95 as a retention fee for each product so I can keep it without any further issues or charges. Ugh! I just want to cancel the subscription and send the product back.

All the while, he kept telling me I hadn’t read the terms and conditions. Oh yeah, I did! It indicated in there that I could do just that. I informed him to charge me for the $9.95 for the two products and be done with it. I’ll take this to my attorney and let them handle it. Nowhere does it tell you up front that this is a subscription service! It’s not worth the headache and cost of $98.11 a month for this stuff. In addition, Lucana Eye Serum charged my credit card an additional $89.26 for a product that I never ordered!

This company and their websites are horribly dishonest and deceptive. Something needs to be done to stop this !!!!!

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