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Bryce –

Victim Location 64804

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

this is the second time these clowns have contacted me, I build websites as a hobby (i’m a retired Trucking and Diner business owner). First, they txt me if I would build a website for them (in bad English). form an unnamed phone number from Commack, NY. Claiming they are a small business wanting to go large! and first time the business was in Wisconsin, this time it’s in Texas! I ask for verifiable Name Address never get it! They send details for a website job(email) and I give an estimate of $3500, They finally come back with story they are in hospital and needs someone to handle paying the private project consultant or other people working on the startup and can I pay them, they will pay me $7000 dollars total me keeping $4000 for my help with the startup! I played along and said I need verifiable Name and Address. They never gave it! twice now! how stupid! about a year apart. here is first txt, then first email.

txt to me…

good morning, i will like to know if you are available for website design

(notice the "will" not ‘would’) my god man, call me lets ask questions and talk!


smith walter


smith walter (Add as Preferred Sender)

Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2018 11:31 am

To: ————- ——– ——–

Here is the job details

I have small scale business which i want to turn into large scale business now it located in TX and the company is based on importing and exporting of Agriculture products such as Kola Nut, Gacillia Nut and Cocoa so i need a best of the best layout design for it. Can you handle that for me ?. so i need you to check out this site but i need something more perfect than this if its possible .http://www.agroamerica.com…. the site would only be informational, so i need you to give me an estimate based on the site i gave you to check out, the estimate should include hosting and i want the same page as the site i gave you to check out and i have a private project consultant, he has the text content and the logos for the site.


1. I want the same number of pages with the example site i gave you to check excluding videos and blogs.

2. I want only English language

3. I don’t have a domain yet but i want the domain name as smartfarmproduce.com

4. you will be updating the site for me.

5. i will be provideing the images, logos and content for the site.

6. i want the site up and running before ending of next month.

7. My budget is $4000 to $6000

Kindly get back to me with:

(1) an estimate

(2) And will like to know if you are the owner ??


smith walter

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