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Antonio –

Victim Location 02137

Type of a scam Employment

I recd an email advising that I was being offered employment as a Personal Assistant. I would be earning 65k per year. The email advised me to respond to set up phone interview. I chose to speak to the person on Tuesday. However, the emailer/caller Jeremy Wheeler was so persistent he called twice before Tuesday.

He asked me 4 interview related questions. I answered them. He then told me I was one of two possible candidate and to look for an employment email on Wednesday Morning.

As mentioned the email did come on Wednesday. The contents of the email was requesting my address for them to mail the employment package and a check to me. The check was for me to order materials and supplies to set up their office in Boston Mass. The email advised the Boston office was scheduled to open in 3 to 4 weeks and it would be my responsibility to set up the office.

Later on Wednesday, January 10th I called Jeremy Wheeler back to ask a few questions as a lot of the contents of the employment letter did not seem honest. The questions I asked for:

1. You’ve never seen me. How you are going to hire me with out ever meeting me

2. How do you know you can trust me enough to send me a check

3. You mentioned you will be opening an office in Boston. Why does the website, or employment letter not mention the address of the Boston Location. Jeremy Wheeler then hung up the phone.

User Review
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