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Victim Location 32177

Type of a scam Utility

DirecTV customers BEWARE!! 

Received call from DirecTV yesterday, Caller ID showed 800-531-5000 which IS, in fact, their number.  Foreign  (possibly India) accented man offered to discount my current rate for the next 24 months in exchange for paying three months upfront with an eBay gift card ("can be obtained from CVS, Walgreens", etc).  Then I was instructed to call Billing @ 888-410-9089 Ext 1 to make bill payment with eBay gift card in order to receive discount.  If I paid within 24 hours, I would also be sent a $100 Visa gift card.  They said it was an AT&T/DirecTV promotion in their partnering up with eBay.  And THEY confirmed MY address to me as to where to send the VISA gift card.  Seems to me that DirecTV’s accounts have been hacked!  Why does call show DirecTV phone# AND the person had my name, address, unlisted cell phone number and knew I was a DirecTV customer?

I checked the 888 phone# in Google and determined it was a scam.  

Later the scammer actually called back and asked why the payment had not been made … talk about audacity!

SUGGESTION … I now have a PASSWORD on my DirecTV account & unless that password is provided to me verbally, I don’t listen or talk to anyone who "says" they are DirecTV no matter what the Caller ID shows!

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