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Sean –

Victim Location 70607

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They were calling asking for a different person that wasn’t me saying it was because the caller ID showed that person’s name when I told them that I didn’t know who that person was they pretty much told me I was lying that I was one of the two people they were asking for and that they were going to be doing a stop assis on my well not mine but on their bank account and tax return and when I kept telling him I’m like where you didn’t even ask me who I am you just telling me why I’m pretty much calling me a lie saying that I’m lying and they were like I said I’m not going to keep sitting on the phone with you talkin about this cuz you’re completely line and then they hang up in your face and then when I call back the guy hangs up in my face again after telling me that he’s not going to be talking to me about it so I called the and they told me to call the scam tracker and so that’s what I did so if anybody does this to y’all and it’s a scam

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