BBB Refund Dept- IMPOSTOR Scam or Legit? Check BBB Refund Dept- IMPOSTOR Reviews below.
Hannah –

Victim Location 90024

Type of a scam Phishing

My 91 year old father was harassed by phone by a man with an Eastern Indian accent who claimed to want to help him on his computer

retrieve fraudulently charged fees. My father was unable to follow his instructions. I was called by his caregiver and got my father to tell him to call me. He did. He said – who is this. I said who is this. He said. the Refund Department. I said that is ridiculous. Who are you? This sounds like a scam. He said. You have no authority to say that without knowing who I am or what I want and began railing at me for a few minutes. I said you are not from the BBB that he should not call my father or me again and hung up. My mother told me he also called them back earlier and he told her my father was an [censored].

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