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Alejandro –

Victim Location 78254

Type of a scam Employment

I have been contact by bcg-technology about a ‘project manager’ position. Prior to hire you have to complete a 4 week training course and pass all of the test. I have completed 3 weeks and have passed all of the test except the last one. When I requested the last test they stated that I had a virus and it crashed they system and the IT department recommended that I erase all of my files from them and we would restart.

I question them about it through email and tried to call the Regional Manager (Alan Chambers, who I have spoken to prior), the website is down (under construction), the telephone listed above is no longer contacted and I have not received any email.

I have a signed contract from bcg-technology with a wage agreement of $98,900.00 annually and a $2,500.00 for training upon successful completion. They did ask me to purchase some office equipment for them and charge it on my personal credit card and I did refuse to do that. Immediately after that correspondence they seem to fade-away. They even had the date and address for the opening of the San Antonio office,

I do have all of the correspondence between BCG-technology including the test they provided.

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