benetti viaggi

benetti viaggi Scam or Legit? Check benetti viaggi Reviews below.
Stephanie –

Victim Location 15035

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer’s name is April Barnett, she has emailed me. We never talked over the phone or in person. April never called me even after the multiple times i gave her my number and asked for her to contact me through telephone. April reached out to me and said that she got my resume as well as my contact information through a job website that i had posted it on. The job description was for me to wait for April to mail the checks to me, once i received the checks i was supposed to cash the checks, each check was larger than 1,000. Once the check was cashed i was suppose to western union 95% of the check to the desired person that April had sent to me through email. The remaining 5% was mines to keep, as a commissions check. My salary was to be 3,000$ monthly, plus the 5% commission. The first check April sent me, cleared and i did as i was told through email. Once i received my commissions check, it did not clear and shut my entire bank account down. I no longer have access to my bank account as well as no longer working due to me quitting my job thinking this job was legit. I still have all of my receipts as well as some of the checks she sent through the mail as well as all of our conversations through email.

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