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Ricardo –

Victim Location 95946

Total money lost $214

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Sept. 18th I ordered 3 ( what looked like in a Facebook Ad) beautiful BUTTERFLY quilts. I paid $149 for 3 of them. After 2 months, nothing came. I contacted PayPal, whom I used to make the purchase. I opened a dispute. I rec’d an email from this company and they told me they shipped and "to be patient’! Still nothing came and I reported to PayPal again. A few days later a package arrives from them and it is 2, very cheaply made Quilts, but no butterflies – Disney Princess and Green Bay Packers! Paypal resolves my dispute in THEIR favor because they said they sent me something…but something that was NOT what i ordered and paid for. The Next day, another cheaply made Quilt arrives and it is Jack Skeleton – no butterflies. Once again I elevate my claim with Paypal and they tell me they can do nothing until I return the quilts to the fraudulent company in VIETNAM at a cost to me of $65! To say I was livid would be an understatement! I sent back the quilts ($65) and who even knows if the address actually exists. Paypal has still yet to resolve my claim and told me they will resolve in the favor of this fraudulent vendor if the item does not show returned. I have USPS tracking on the package. I would also like to know how to file a claim against Paypal for allowing these fraudulent companies to prevail over transactions like this – I have spent so much time dealing with this and I just want my money back and to be done with it!

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 55057

Total money lost $21

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a shirt on line in July. Never received anything for 4 months. Sent several emails to them with out valid response. Went back through pay pal to file a complaint, contacted the seller, the seller sent an email back with a tracking number. Pay pal case was closed. Didn’t receive anything yet, tracked the package. They gave a bogus tracking number for some other shipment. Now stuck and can’t reopen the claim through pay pal.

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