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Caroline –

Type of a scam Rental

I placed an ad on Kijiji on May 19th,2016: Wanted house to rent in Okanagan. I changed the ad to ‘up front’ so it would be more visible. I got a pop up response from [email protected] thanking me for my interest in his house. He said he would rent the house on Longacre drive after it had been listed to sell…which is what I understood had happened. There was no realtor for this same property on the page at this time. He agreed to rent it to me at $1000.00 per month, utilities included, in return for us care taking it for him. I felt it was a fair enough offer so I went over the pictures, got a friend of mine from Vernon to run by the place to check it out etc. I googled it and got the satellite photos. He also sent some photos of the place. He asked for a $750.00 security deposit to hold the place for me. Then he would courier the lease, property information and keys to me the next day. On July 6th I sent Bob the $750 plus first month in advance and agreed to move in at the end of August. I first was going to go to Vernon mid-July, to look over the place. He agreed.

By then I noticed a realtor’s ad was on the Kijiji page that had his House for Rent sign 7175 Longacre drive, Vernon BC.

By this time he had got me convinced of his daughter’s operation …which apparently was the reason for his relocating to the USA…for hospital treatments for his daughter, Gloria.

To make a long story short…he asked me if I could send the $1000 last month’s rent payment now, (instead of when I got into the house)as she needed a surgery that week. Anyway, for some reason I believed him and I sent it. All money was sent by E-transfer from my bank. Bottom line, I am out $2750.00. When he again asked me for more money…as in setting up the ‘rent to own’ now instead of later with deposit…I knew something was really wrong so I said I wanted a copy of the lease in my hand before I did anything more…and I wanted to wait for the keys to arrive. He wasn’t happy, but he sent an e-mail copy of the lease with his signature and appropriately filled out. I then phone a realtor friend of mine and she said…Never do this again!!! She looked over the ad and the place on line and said that it could still be legitimate, but that I should phone the realtor in Vernon who was still listing the place. Now I had sent her a message on her web site earlier…but it went un-answered…so this time I phoned her. She got back to me immediately and after hearing my saga…she wished me luck recovering the money and absolutely verified that Bob Hawkins WAS NOT the legal owner of 7175 Longacre Drive and that I had definitely been scammed.

So needless to say I sent a note back to Bob, in response to his ‘In the name of God, help me and my family…." that I would not. I also asked him to send back immediately the $2000 in rental deposits. I did not ask for the $750. So far no luck.

I traced the phone number to and ONTARIO CANADA town…I believe Kleinburg. Close to the border.

I don’t know whether this will help you…but it sounds so much like the other scam that is recorded here, that I thought I would send this to you as well.

I have copies of all the emails, the courier receipt (?), lease etc in a file,

Thank you very much.

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