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Alexis –

Victim Location 75039

Type of a scam Online Purchase

After purchasing a puppy through another website, we presume to be partners with this website, we were promised delivery through "Bolden pet trasportation." After being promised a 12 hr same day deliver from purchase date from the buyer, we were told by Bolden there would be a $1500 refundable insurance fee to make sure the puppy was delivered safely. If the request was not fulfilled the puppy would then be placed in "quarantine." The request for the money was to be made through Western Union. We were not only angered but we refused to pay any other funds. After the "breeder" tried to negotiate the price for the insurance we decided to try and call Bolden ourselves. We got thru to a man who went by the name of Michael and asked if we could ship the puppy with out the insurance. He told us no and the fee should have been disclosed with the breeder. We informed him it was not disclosed and he said became frustrated with us. After countless attempts to contact the breeder AGAIN we got no response. so we tried to contact Bolden again. We got thru to him on the phone and asked for the physical address to pick up the puppy ourselves. He said to go to website to find the address. the first attempt at doing so lead us to an "error page." We told him we could not find the address and he hung up on us. We tried again from another phone and he hung up again. After several hours of no contact, we pleaded we just wanted our puppy. The "breeder" then informed us he notified Bolden not to respond to our countless attempts because we told him we would get that authorities involved. We caught on very quickly to their schemes and were devastated once we realized we would not be receiving our puppy, whom we already had the bill of sale for. Bolden is just as much guilty as the breeder and can not be trusted to conduct business. We certainly don’t want this to happen to any one else.

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