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Kaitlin –

Victim Location 48216

Total money lost $445

Type of a scam Other

The information stated is what I have gathered based on knowledge of the video provided and others’ experience on their Facebook page.

The link above shows the shady tactics of towing company named Break Through Towing at a McDonald’s addressed at 4235 Woodward Avenue (Store #20757) in Detroit, Michigan. A couple went into the store to get some food, making them accepted to park there as valid customers. Shortly after getting food, the company towed them and charged them $445.00 in fees including stating that a license and registration was not in the car, even though the people getting towed stated that it was indeed a rental vehicle. In the video a woman and her child almost had their car towed off even though they had parked there as a customer and also had a handicap license plate. The video itself explains how the couple had to deal with the company strictly through cash as their activity is illegal. The tow truck itself in the video drops the couple off on the wrong side of the street, leaving the car exposed to head-on traffic and potential damages, injuries, or loss of life.

Also some others that dealt with them and expressed their frustrations on Facebook are mentioning dangerous driving and potential damage to the vehicle and a system where you have to sign saying the company isn’t responsible for any damages, leaving people towed with lost money and potentially a damaged vehicle. Others have also looked up the company records through Michigan’s main website and business database only to find no license for their activity. I hope you all can look into this company, and thank you for your time.

Brent –

Victim Location 48146

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I parked in a private parking lot not aware that my vehicle would be towed because there was no posting by parking spot. Shortly after breakthrough towed my vehicle and when I tried to get information i was only told it would cost me a minimum of $395 to pick it up. I wanted to get it as soon as possible but kept getting the run around. They hung up on me then wouldn’t answer the phone after telling us to call back.

I went there and they wouldn’t even come to the window to answer questions. I went back with 2 Detroit police officers to try and get my vehicle and again they wouldn’t come to the window. This is a blatant scam. Something needs to be done to shut this business down so they cannot scam more people

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