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Cheryl –

Victim Location 18235

Type of a scam Other

Hi, I am well aware of scams so I did not send any money. I am looking for a yorkie pup when I came across the website. I knew just by how the site was setup it was fake. I know there are real breeders, they will skype, or facetime, send videos and pics and you can come to see them if they are out of state. This site was to good to be true so I sent them a message acting interested so that I could get more info out of them. I saw online they have used other names like bright dream pup. it seems there were other sites taken down and a lot of people unfortunately were scammed sending a lot of money. Saying they are moving so they are just giving them away and all you need to do is pay for shipping. That is just crazy. They have no info on the site to contact just thru the send a message which is in no way what a real business would do. They got excited when they heard from me so they sent me a text message to check out the email they sent. They do not even write proper English. I feel bad for people who do not know what to look for I would never send any money to these people. They actually wrote to me that I could pick them up for free if I wanted to but that if that was not ok they could send them to me. I have an email back letting them know I know they are a scam but I did not send it yet. Because I am sure they will pull it right down and change there cell #. So I will not send anything or I will go along with telling them I fly all over the country for work and can pick it up whenever they are ready to see what they say to keep it going so that maybe someone on here can get more info on them before they shut it down. I think they use a VPN to hide where they are, but maybe you guys have something to find them. If I get any other info from them before I say they are a scam I will come back on. To bad I can’t get a hold of someone now to work with them to get them because most people scammed already gave money they didn’t know ahead of time it was a scam to get them. I am not a victim per say I new it was fake, but I was there target I just want them gone so know 1 gives money to these people.

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