First Marshall Auto Auction LLC

First Marshall Auto Auction LLC Scam or Legit? Check First Marshall Auto Auction LLC Reviews below.
Mitchell –

Victim Location 46406

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Other

I went the to first Marshall llc auto auction to buy a car that was available online. I arrived at the location and they told me that all vehicles online had been sold. Which was a lie! They told about a another vehicle that they described as "identical" and they said were brought the day before. They price tag online was $1000. They said this second car that was the same year, make, model, and color as the one advertised online but the price for the physical car, that was brought in the day before, was $1300. They told they would bring the car around while I was filling out the paper work, but never brought the car around. I had placed a $600 down payment along with signing paperwork. They took my money first then rushed me through paperwork. First Marshall llc auto auction never mentioned that down payments were non refundable. I returned to the auction to pay the remained and finalize the purchase when I was told that the price was much higher then previously mentioned. I asked to see the vehicle. only one person was alIowed to enter the lot that I was escorted to the car in the back. In the pictures on the website only displayed parts of the car, not the entire body. In the website picture, the number on the windshield matched the numbers on the physical car. They lied about this vehicle being sold. The physical car was damaged and missing parts and I was not willing to buy that vehicle. When I complained to the service desk, the told me to call the businesses phone number a nd ask for the very busy manager Al. I called and I left my name, number, and a message. They called back 24 hours later, the person in the other end was not the manager, and cowardly told me that deposits were not refundable. I asked for the manager, the man on the phone hung up.

Melissa –

Victim Location 61101

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Was told to look online and the price that I find is the price of the car .. and when I get to the auction and do the following they tell me to put down 1000 for the car I wanted until the auction was over and pay the remaining balance and when I went to pay they added a whole other 1000 to my balance which caused me not to walk away with no vehicle and I decided I didn’t want to proceed with the transaction give me my money back they would not give me my 1000 back…

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  1. Great team, great people, great auction!!! Ok so happy with my purchase, they were so detailed they explain everything so perfectly. The manager was really accurate with his numbers I was surprised. I’m a happy customer!!!

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