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Derrick –

Victim Location 81223

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from a person saying that they were DirecTv. They said that there had been a lot of storms in the area and that they needed to come out and change the direction of my satellite and bring new receivers and remotes, I have four in my home, and when i refused he threatened to shut off my service. They said that all of the new equipment was free but there would be a $150 installation charge and they needed Credit Card and the numbers from our receiver, and it would be a separate billing. They had me hold down the button on the remote and give them all of my receiver information, once I gave them the receiver information they had all of my personal and account info. The guy said his name was John and his badge number was DHJ7K and to call him back and let them know what time I would be home to get new equipment. I called DirecTv the next morning to check the number and DirecTv said that it was not connected to them and that the badge number was nothing like their badge numbers. They also said that I had called the day before to disconnect my service. Apparently the caller had done so while we were on the phone the night before through the information given from the receiver.

Tara –

Victim Location 13035

Type of a scam Phishing

Wanted a fee for an actual Directv promotion. Called Directv he said they don’t charge a promotional fee.

Corey –

Victim Location 99206

Type of a scam Utility

There is a gentleman going door to door in my neighborhood who is representing himself as in Xfinity Comcast employee but he is in fact a employee of dish network and is switching people over to dish network by telling them that he is an employee of Comcast and Authorized to contract out your services and save you money. I called Comcast to verify and they said that no employee of theirs would be selling dish network products. He managed to sign up several people on my street including my 89-year-old neighbor

Kara –

Victim Location 23322

Type of a scam Phishing

A nice lady called, supposedly from DirecTV, thanking me for my subscription and being a valued customer. She offered me 3 months of premium channels and advised that she would also provide a $9 reduction each of those 3 months. She asked for a ‘confirmation’… and I replied yes. At that minute I believed it to be a scam, I contacted Directv and they advised that they are not offering my account any promotions.

I am monitoring my accounts and credit carefully for any unauthorized accounts being opened.

Be on the look out.

Bruce –

Victim Location 75254

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

DirecTV caller ID from 888-407-6562. Requested that I pre-pay for service to receive discount. Using Amazon gift-card promo code.

Kelsey –

Victim Location 97206

Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call today – caller ID said DirecTV. The caller told me that they were redirecting the satellite and I risked losing service. He told me he needed information on my modem. I asked him for a number I could call to confirm that he was a DirecTV representative and he got very belligerent and accused me of wasting his time. I hung up and called DirecTV to confirm there was a problem. I was told that it was a new scam and no representative would ask for that information. That it could be used to hack my internet service. The person I talked to also asked me to convey this information to the, my internet provider, and local TV stations to get the word out that this is a new scam.

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