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Noah –

Type of a scam Employment

This person offers employment as a personal assistant and then attempts to steal money from them through a Bitcoin scam. This particular job posting was on ***.

First email:

"Good morning I am Dr Lyndsey I emailed you regards the personal assistant job offer,I have been very busy with traveling that is the reason why i haven’t been in touch,your first task is sent you will receive it on monday,drop me a text on 450-233-3663."

Second email: "I am writing to inform you that I have confirmed your information. I hope to have your 100% loyalty and co-operation, Your quick response to emails and effectiveness will be required.

Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf, Scheduling programme, flights and keeping me up to date with necessary details.

Next few weeks is going to be hectic for me, I have four different Conventions to attend. I am always busy with tight schedules,I want you to make payment to one of my vendors."

Third email: "A Business Check payment will be delivered to you from one of my clients, I have a "To do list" that I will email to you as soon as you receive the payment.

It is very important for you to have great communication skill, You are required to keep a close track on my appointment’s,quick response to emails, phone call, and text messages.You will have your contract form signed when we meet,I will provide you with your offer letter as well.I will introduce you to some of my client’s and partners as time goes on .

Kindly confirm your Interest,then I will get back to you when my client mail out the Business Cheque."

Fourth email – the scam: "Good Morning, How are you doing today,i have been real busy. Am Glad to Inform you that a payment was sent to you,the payment is your First Assignment and it will be delivered in the mail,it will be trackable online,it will get delivered to you today,the amount on the cheque is $4,690 ,You can track it on purolator.com.

Here is the tracking number XXXXXXXXXX

The Package contains business Check, Once you receive the cheque, take it to your bank and have it processed and make the cash withdrawal of the full amount.You will purchase some Bitcoin and make donation to the orphanage home on my behalf. I contacted the orphanage home, and I was given the list of the items to be bought, the items are much and will cost a lot to get them shipped, so we have reached an accord, They will be getting the items themselves.

Your weekly payment will reach you by next week Friday.

Kindly confirm the receipt of my email."

User Review
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