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Alberto –

Victim Location 92117

Total money lost $2,840

Type of a scam Employment

I had been looking for employment, and was contacted and offered a part time position to become a postal inspector for this company. After several conversations and emails back and forth, I agreed to the position offered. I have documentation that states that in exchange for my following all the inspection guidelines, I would be paid $650/week and $20 per package that was "correctly reshipped" per instructions. The position entailed:

1) receiving packages and inspecting them to ensure items were accurate per packing list and unbroken/undamaged; (all of these steps were to be noted on an on-line ‘dashboard’ I had access through from the company)

2) I was to advise of packages received

3) I would be sent a new package label I would have to print out and have affixed to the package

4) sending out through either UPS, FEDEX or USPS

5) I would then obtain a tracking number and receipt

6) I would report back to the company that the package was sent

7) I needed to log in to ‘dashboard’ multiple times/day to obtain updates, indicate any of the steps as mentioned above on the dashboard, and obtain any additional further shipping details (Note: I would receive notifications that there was a new message or update – to log into my dashboard for further details. I would also receive notifications (such as on Sundays) if I had not logged into the dashboard, even when no shipping was to occur on Sundays.

I did this for 4 weeks. The company had stated in my agreement that I would be paid in total upon the end of my first month/end of 4 weeks. Instead, when I tried logging into my ‘dashboard’, the final day of the 4 weeks of my doing all the work and tasks that had been required, I could no longer log in – my password no longer worked. I contacted via phone calls, texts and emails EVERY contact I had been given (several of whom I had spoken with during the 4 weeks) but not one answered or responded to me. And I of course did not receive any compensation for any of the work that I did over the 4 weeks.

User Review
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