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Dan’s collectibles and more Scam or Legit? Check Dan’s collectibles and more Reviews below.
Jacqueline – Feb 15, 2021

I ordered a Galaxy Rose and paid premium shipping to ensure it would make it before Christmas. Two months later still waiting for it to be shipped…don’t buy anything from this company

Kathleen – Feb 13, 2021

I ordered a galaxy rose from them and I had to assemble it myself. I paid 40 dollars for it and it came in a box that had chinease writing on it and just cheaply made. I was very disappointed. It was so terrible that I didn’t even give it as a gift. I will never buy anything from them again

Daniel – Jan 25, 2021

I ordered a gift from Dans Collectables received it 2 months later damaged and broken so my nephew didn’t get a Christmas gift because of that I have sent several emails for a refund I even sent pics of the broken item as proof and they responded once finally saying they will send another one but that’s not what I requested I want my money back but when I sent those emailed there has been zero response it’s wk 3 now they are crooks shame on them but karma will bite them in the [censored] so do not rush ordering from this company it’s not worth the loss and headache they cause they are thieves with horrible customer service am they should be shut down permanently 🤬😡

Caroline – Dec 25, 2020

I placed an order on November 28,2020. I have sent numerous emails and voicemails with no response.for days. I left a message on their Facebook page on the 18th. The next day they responded. They assured me it was on the way and gave me a USPS tracking number. It was created on December 1st. It said the USPS was awaiting item. Next update was the 19th. It said the same thing. Then a couple times on the 21st. Same thing. USPS awaiting the item. I used PayPal and I have filed a dispute. PayPal notified them on the 18th. They have until January 7th to contact me. If not, I can file a claim, but it could take 30 days or more to make a decision. They claim to be from Oregon. I don’t believe it. What kind of company starts the email saying “Hello dear?” I hope people can understand this. It’s just so upsetting. I had to tell my grandson that his gift wouldn’t be here for Christmas. He said it was ok, but I cried.

Aaron – May 20, 2020

Victim Location 60629

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Terrible service or should I say no service at all!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME NOR MONEY ON THIS SO CALLED COMPANY!!! I ordered my item 04/07/2020 I emailed them regarding a tracking number and they responded the very next day. I been calling company AND leaving voicemails since its passed 30 days and have yet to hear back from them! I called USPS 05/11/20 and they mentioned to me that product was delivered, but to wrong location! I emailed dans collectables, again! And constantly calling them to have this fixed and no luck at all! There is no service whatsoever! No one to call you back or inform you of any updates. It is now 05/15/2020 and I received an email saying, item was delivered somewhere in Miami ?? which I already knew! Been trying to fix the issue! I will be reporting this to the better business bureau.. They are scammers who just take people’s money!

PS. Don’t leave item in cart, because that’s what I did and someone text my number giving me a "coupon" I fell for it. That is all their good for. Taking your money and simply not deliver. I wish I would have looked at reviews prior to wasting my time, energy and hard working money on this terrible so called company!

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  1. Keith Allen Kohlhof

    I ordered a swavorski heart necklace for my wife for our 15th anniversary. I made the order 3 weeks in advance and recieved emails stating that the item was enroute. Never received anything. I used the tracking number that was provided and it showed that the item was mis-delivered and returned to the sender. I contacted the company and recieved another notice that the item had been re-directed for delivery to me. Once again, the item was mis-delivered, and returned. After contacting this company several times by phone and email, they have stopped correspondence. I’m sure that i have lost my money. This is one pitiful company and I will be putting the word out to Amazon that they to be removed from their list of companies.

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