Dave Grimaldi

Dave Grimaldi Scam or Legit? Check Dave Grimaldi Reviews below.
Marie –

Victim Location 07093

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order


This person contacted me on the app "Offer-up" and said he wanted to gift his dad this couch i had put for sale and to email pics to his dad. His dad replied saying he will send a check for amount + When i took the check to cash checking they said its fake and kept it. Unfortunately i didn take a pic of it and dont have those details.

USPS tracking- 9405503699300296700584

Email sent from [email protected] Dave Grimaldi

Text from – 4242769650

Mail from – Scott Curtis Firman, 308 Sibley St, Carver, MN 55315-4502

Its hard to believe these guys are doing all this and nobody is able to catch or stop them, Neither USPS, the bank, gmail, offerup,textmail, cops, NOBODY!

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