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Chad –

Victim Location 37040

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I met someone on Tinder. He lives in Hendersonville TN. He sent me his address (to which I have since deleted). His facebook is still up. After talking on phone and texting for over a month we were going to meet. He was suddenly called to SANDTON S. Africa to sell 2 businesses (which he sent me a pic of) that the S African govt was going to sell in 90 days if he did not come and sell himself. Property his dad had left him. He at some point stated he wanted to send me flowers but lost his credit card. He said a client in the states owed him money. He asked client Kathleen to just mail to me. I asked why she could not mail to him. He stated he did not want his clients to know he is out of town and it was a cashier’s check. I was in no hurry since it was the weekend. He asked me when I could cash it. I did receive on a Friday a priority mail envelope from Kathleen. I went to Wal-mart but they did not cash over $3000. I was then headed to Kroger where he said I could send Western Union. He told me to keep any money out for gas and my trouble. Since I was unable to cash I drove past my bank BOA and knew the lobby was open so I went in and while waiting in line a BOA employee offered to help. She scanned and said the check was good after I explained my story. She suggested calling the bank in Johnson City TN to see if it was good. I did this on Monday and the check was good per a phone conversation with a bank employee. She (Donna) called me back to say if I did not have a good feeling about the check, then not to cash. Now 2 bank employees have warned me. When I got to work, a fellow co-worker (attorney) says sometimes the checks can be good but after several months come back on me as no good and I am out the $5000. He suggested to just mail the check back where it came from, which I did. Kathleen and David proceeded to email me, call me, text me to find out where the check was. I told them what I did with it. David said it would look like I was scamming them due to no hands on the check. I didn’t cash it so told him to stop bullying me. I blocked all calls, his FB, his emails. I deleted all of his pictures. One day at work another male called from a NY number; I figured Kathleen’s friend because he referred to her that she needs that money back and he was a friend. I told him it was none of his business and that I did not know him and blocked his number. Johnson City bank also kept calling. So today, August 31, 2016, finally Kathleen called and I decided to pick up. I felt bad for her thinking due to me maybe not mailing back to correct bank (there were 3 in the city) that she would not get her money back. I did however put Donna’s name at the bottom of the envelope and highlighted in case someone did not know her they could forward to correct bank. I even kept a copy of the check and letter I sent. So Kathleen proceeds to tell me that Benjamin *** (a man she barely knew on FB, but befriended her) and her have been corresponding for several months and she had mailed him money prior. She has his picture but since yesterday when she sent the $1000, he deactivated his FB. The reason she ended up mailing me money was because Ben told her his friend David *** and me, Christie *** wanted to open a joint account and somehow she was kind enough to fund it to open? She is driving today back from NY after spending the night in a parking lot! Apparently Ben had a brain injury and the military would not send him home so she was going to get him? and sent him $1000 for flight. She drove 720 some miles and he told her the doorman would let her in. I don’t know if it was a fake address or what happened. I was glad to know she did indeed get her money back but then she turned around and sent it Wells Fargo to Ben!!!! She is out $8000!!!! She has a photo of him and David *** is alive and well on FB, he even tried to call me 8 Aug thru FB. I think David is the front man due to his FB still up with his family and friends. He even sent a video of him supposedly at the hotel doing push ups for me. He sent a pic of him on an airplane when he said he had to go. I think with the information we have on these 2 there is a good chance we could catch them? He made my life a nightmare with threats, the bank calling me, strangers calling me, Kathleen calling me!!!! She is a willing participant to this information. She is driving back and I told her I will send this in. I can also provide her last name. TY

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