Dean Gregory and Susan Boyard

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Hector –

Victim Location 33614

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

This morning at 11:12 someone from this phone number -813-398-0611- called me. This person, with a heavy accent, said my ex-wife Adja N. D. had run a red light while texting and hit a pregnant woman. He said my ex-wife was at the Bradenton Medical Center with a broken nose and a broken wrist, and the pregnant woman was in critical condition and in danger of losing her baby. Later, another person called back, said his name was Dean Gregory and was a lawyer attached to the police department. Dean Gregory said my wife was under guard at the medical center (I could not contact her, he said)and will be arrested and taken to the police station as soon as she leaves the hospital. Dean Gregory added my ex-wife was lucky to have found a public defender who is going to contact with more details. Dean Gregory asked me to remain on the line to be transferred to the public defender. A woman later came on the line, said her name is Susan Boyard, said she was my ex-wife’s public defender. Susan Boyard said my ex-wife needed to be bailed out as soon as possible (in 10-15 minutes) or she risked being transferred to the jail, and if the pregnant lady loses her baby this could turn into a criminal case because my ex-wife admitted she was texting while driving. Susan Boyard asked me $2358.00 to bail my ex-wife. I did not have the money. Therefore, I called a friend of mine in Los Angeles who agreed to transfer the money to the bail bonds man. Susan Boyard said the senior bail bonds man’s name is Victor Alberto Gomez who is currently in Santiago, Dominican Republic. During all this frantic saga I was trying to find my son who was with my ex-wife since Saturday night. The above scammers had told me he was not in the car when my ex-wife had the accident. Fortunately, before my friend in Los Angeles transferred the money I heard from ex-wife who said she is at home with my son and was completely shocked when I told her what was going on. While I was on the phone with her Susan Boyard called asking whether the money had been transferred. That’s when I asked her "Susan, are you guys trying to scam people?" She immediately hung up.

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