department of treasury department

department of treasury department Scam or Legit? Check department of treasury department Reviews below.
Rachel –

Victim Location 55598

Type of a scam Government Grant

I have received multiple calls all from the department of treasury department in washington dc about a $9,000 dollar grant, when i asked what the address was all they said was 200……they said to release the money they needed $250 to release the money and the $250 would be refunded. They were very pushy and insistent that i go to a moneygram right away to release the money. When i asked them if it was a scam tbey asked me to trust them, and sounded like they were in a major call center. Thry also all had accents,when i asked to talk to the boss or who ever is above a manager they told me that the manager did not have any one higher up then him which i knew was wrong. They keep continuing to call my number and when i tell them to stop calling me they start harrassing me

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