Scam or Legit? Check Reviews below.
Terry –

Victim Location 96707

Total money lost $1,785

Type of a scam Other

1. they advertise expensive digital cameras for half the usual price.

2. once you make the order, you get an email telling you to contact them to confirm.

3. once you call they will say the product you ordered is in Japanese; in this case, it is a canon5dmark3 body.

4. they will upsell you an American version for 500 dollars more (which is bs because all canon bodies can be changed into English or Japanese at anytime through the settings.)

5. if you pick the Japanese version, you will not get the delivery and they will wait for you to cancel the order instead and collect a 175 dollar processing fee for cancelling your order…

6. you will hear one voice when you talk to them using the names, Josh-Andrew-Greg. But you could be certain that this is only one person running it..

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