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Jimmy –

Victim Location 29368

Type of a scam Phishing

A person with India accent tells me my xxxx satellite receiver is outdated. I give him the model number to verify it. He says he will send a technician with a new model if I pay $100 installation fee. I become suspicious. He offers free upgrade to a receiver with a DVR. I ask if I’ll have to pay a monthly charge to use it. No. When I hesitate, due to the $100 installation fee, he says I will get a $40 reduction in my bill for three months (or a $30 reduction for four months – can’t remember which). I am very suspicious. I say I’m going to call xxxx Net to check the legitimacy of the call. He tells me to "Go f… yourself." Because of the accent, I’m not sure what he’s said. I ask him to please repeat himself. He does indeed say that again. I tell him that’s not polite and not to bother calling me again. This was the second time I got this call. A previous call told me my satellite was being moved and he was calling to let me know so I could schedule a technician to come to move my dish toward the new location. Both this third time, and the first call, I immediately called Dish and the scam was verified each time.

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