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Lydia –

Victim Location 60126

Total money lost $80,000

Type of a scam Investment

One Rajat Ohri came in contact with me. He has shown many papers whereby he was giving huge returns to his investors. He too entered into an agreement with me whereby by investing $80K through his Singapore based company would fetch me a return of total $5Million. He was very persuasive and convincing. Accordingly, from my business account, I have transferred $80k to him/ the company he asked me to transfer. I have written proof where he has asked me to transfer. That company it seems to belong to his friend and Mr. Rajat Ohri is not the owner. This was a planned operation as I could not hold him directly responsible. However, I have all the correspondence whereby I can link him and to prove that he is the mastermind scam operator. The money was transferred as per his instruction only. Later he kept promising me the return. At last he said he has to cancel the deal because I am too pushing. Rather i had waited almost for a year whereas he was to give the returns in 2 months. It was supposed to be stock buying and selling. Now he has disappeared. I am contemplating to file a criminal case within my jurisdiction. I have all the proof of the money transferred and also the original agreement with his company where he has irrevocably promised me the return. Be aware of this person. He claims to know all big and important people and will show their visiting cards. Wil throws all sort of names and references to win your confidence.

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