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Joseph –

Victim Location 68154

Total money lost $17.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do Jobs Online is a social media marketing & optimization services online. You pay for a social media marketing freelancer and they deliver the service you paid for supposedly. For example one of the requirements is I had to sign up and create an account on Oct 2015 to start hiring freelancers to do social media marketing for me. I would find a job I wanted done from their website and would have to pay with either a credit card or PayPal account. Once you pay the freelancer for the job to be completed they send a message asking for some information about the social media platform they are going to be working on for me. I provide the information and they give me a delivery date. Once the delivery date arrives I find the job has not been delivered. I go ahead and send the freelancer a message asking them why my order has not been delivered and the seller will ignore me every time I send a message. So then I end up emailing the Do Jobs Online support team to complain and request a full refund. The Do Jobs Online support team usually replies within 24 to 48 hours and refund me a credit back to my Do Jobs Online account. I have had to ask for a refund 16 times as of today. But this very last time the freelancer did not deliver so I took the same action as before and messaged the seller with no reply from him. Then emailing the Do Jobs Online support team asking for a full refund, and as of today I still have NOT received a reply from the freelancer or the support team. I have also informed Do Jobs Online support team about my experience with most of the freelancers who hack into people’s social media accounts to deliver to the buyer. Not only do they hack they also scam the buyer by delivering what was paid for, then after a while they undo their work and keep the money for you to come back again. It is a never ending cycle between the freelancer and the Do Jobs Online support team.

On September 19, 2016 I emailed Do Jobs Online support team requesting this time around I want all my refunded money that is in my account to be withdrawn and sent to me either in cash or by check. I told them I will not order from again because most the freelancers are hackers and scam artists.

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