Dream Girls LLC

Dream Girls LLC Scam or Legit? Check Dream Girls LLC Reviews below.
Wayne –

Victim Location 07001

Type of a scam Employment

Oh where do I start? First of all, to *** with the contract. In the contract it says you wont be on an employee/employer basis but instead you are an independent contractor, but that doesn’t stop the money hungry boss from jumping down your throat to work 24/7. Not to mention when things finally do start going down hill, he’ll try to find any loophole he can to suck you dry of money and put you in a worse off situation that you probably originally were. He treats all his models like *** and is manipulative as all get out. He constantly has to change the name of the business because he keeps getting called out. First it was some other company, then dream girls llc, and now some glamour scouts or something I don’t know. Regardless, if you sign up for this line of work and the agency is ran by a guy named Chris or Shilo Lidell, then run for the hills or lose all your money because that’s all he cares about anyways. If you’re into modern slavery though, this is the place for you!

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