Dreyfuss Third Century Fund

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Erica –

Victim Location 98926

Type of a scam Phishing

A man called on my landline, identifying himself as a representative of Dreyfuss Third Century, a mutual fund. He reported that–due to shareholder lack of participation–the board had delayed a decision about streamlining the fund. The board was now soliciting shareholder votes so that it could go forward with the decision. He explained the board’s (alleged) recommendation on the issue, and asked me how I voted. I said "abstain." He pressed a bit more, and I ended up saying "okay." He said, "so you’re vote is ‘yes’?" I said "yes." He then asked me to confirm my address. I asked what address he had for me … it turned out to be an old one. I gave him my current address. He then told me I’d be receiving a confirmation of my vote in the mail. He also said, at the outset of the call, that the call was being recorded for purposes of quality assurance, or something to that effect. When I got off the phone, I realized neither my wife nor I have an investment in Dreyfuss … our retirement funds are in other mutual funds. My wife told me that he was a scammer who was simply trying to record me saying "yes," and giving my address, so that he could open credit card accounts in my name, etc.

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