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Tracy –

Victim Location 30122

Type of a scam Employment

i was being hired for a job and i was being paid 25 dollars an hour and i was receiving a check for start up materials the person got my sensitive personal information ( social security number) and he proceed to send me a check and the check was written for 4,500(within a few dollars) and i wasn’t sure if it was a real check once i received it and looked at it so i took it to my local bank and had them verify the check and it was a check for a different amount of money and the bank kept the check and turned it in to their fraud department and now im hoping to perssue the criminal so that he can not do this to another person

this person contacted me threw email – [email protected] Skype – Klaus.chase100 and phone – 7047280756

i looked this phone number up online and this is not the first scam with the same company and same phone number the only difference was a different contact name and a different form of contact

i am assuming the scammer was trying to get the amount of the money from the fake check out of me (which is what i put in the section below )

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