David Coyle, Enovachem Pharmaceuticals

David Coyle, Enovachem Pharmaceuticals Scam or Legit? Check David Coyle, Enovachem Pharmaceuticals Reviews below.
Angelica –

Victim Location 60618

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted by "David," who claimed to have gotten my contact information from Now Casting (a website I am registered with) and was contacting me for a potential voice over gig. When I asked what kind of paperwork he needed from me or if I could use my in-home studio, he didn’t respond. He informed me I would be paid half upfront as good faith payment, and the rest would be paid upon completion of the project. He informed me a check had been sent and it included payment for a "consultant engineer," who would be taking care of all the technical aspects. When I asked for clarification as to why I would be getting payment for this other individual, he told me the engineer was in transit and therefore it was easier to send a lump sum to me. When I received the check it was well over our agreed upon sum. That’s where things are right now. I plan on taking the check to my bank.

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