Diabetic Net

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Barbara –

Victim Location 72756

Type of a scam Phishing

Not sure how they got my number calls every 10 minutes until I answered. The asked for me. I dont know them so I said she is not home right now. Then he asked if I (the person he was asking for) was diabetic????

NONE of heir buisiness and if they were calling to sell me something number 1 I wouldn’t discuss medical over the phone with an unknown person. Second why on earth would you discuss it with someone other then me? I said I dont know. you shouldn’t be discussing things like that with me. Then they hung up. .

I blocked them.. now they are calling from a WI number 262-592-4614. Both number are now blocked.

They didnt take money from me because I didnt give them a chance but im sure if they find the right victim they will take money

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