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Caitlin –

Victim Location 30253

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

I received an email from them on October 3 stating they offer loans at 2% interest. I was amazed but followed their policy carefully knowing somethin wasn’t right. First of all the application they sent was completely off and it didn’t look like a professional application. I filled out the application. Then two days later they called and said you’re approved. My stomach at that point was more disturbed. They sent me several texts and email and I knew it was a scam. They sent this long letter that I’ve been approved. I signed and faxed to them. Immediately they sent me a text stating they need a deposit of $198.00. I knew, I knew it was crooks. I told them no, I don’t have funds and you all are SCAMMERS. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT….The main guy I spoke to is Mr. Deen Dayal (D.F.L)

Now, today Oct 15, 2016 my cousin received a scam call asking her if she need a loan. They say they are Pay Day Loan Service Mr. David Jones @ 564 949 4546 and Mr. Sam Martin @ 518 380 2183. Offering a loan with 7.5% 36 months payment. My sister put them on hold and asked me to speak. David started to say to me your sister can get the money in four hours. He started to ask for bank account. I said you are a scammer. He said no, no. You can give us a account number with zero dollars. I said no, you are a liar and SCAMMER. I HUNG UP.


NEW YORK, NY 10032


They got in touch with my cousin because I used her name as a reference(Marie Allen)

Both transactions the men sound like foreigneers. They said they from Russia.

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