dish network – acting as

dish network – acting as Scam or Legit? Check dish network – acting as Reviews below.
Tanya –

Victim Location 55371

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from dish network (according to my caller id) stating they needed to upgrade my equipment after having me go on my tv and give them the information as to what kind of a receiver I had. Then they said they were sending someone out on monday to do the change. Later they called back and said they could do it over the phone so had me unplug my receiver and hold which I did. Then they had me plug back in and wanted to have me pay $150 +tax for this service. I complained about having to pay for this service as it was their equipment they were updating so they said they would take $20 off my bill for the next year and give me a free starz channel for 3 months which they set up. They wanted my checking acct # I was reluctant to give it to them as I have auto pay with dish but they said they were contracting with dish so couldn’t use that. Like a dummy I gave them the check routing number. I became suspicious over the weekend as they were calling me back on my cell phone I think as I recognized the voice. I called dish and they did not have any knowledge of all of this.I called my bank and closed my account and opened a new one fortunately no one had tried to cash a check and pull money out of my account.They told me they were from info tech inc I got a phone # for their supervisor # 201-431-8777 ext 450. I did not realize that they would be able to get into dish equipment and do this and I was so sure it had to be dish network because of caller id and their ability to change things on my tv.

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