Donna Nielsen

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Lauren –

Victim Location 27330

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a yorkie in my local Raleigh newspaper in North Carolina I came across an add didn’t think about the out of state number cause we have a lot of military here. This person started texting me back stating she was in TX and could ship me the dog next day I know sounds to good to be true but this was for a birthday gift for my mom. The lady said I only had to send a deposit and pay the rest when I got her. I should have known better but I wanted this so bad and was on a deadline the lady said send it western union which was another red flag but I got to thinkin people do this all the time with out of state breeders. I sent the money it was picked up and the lady started texting me back about getting her paperwork done and to respond with a tracking number for her. I waited and waited and then though something isn’t right how could I be so stupid. The next day I get an email stating that they were the animal movers for the puppy and they ran into a problem I had to wire more money for insurance for the dog to a diff name now. I did not cause I knew this was a scam I text the person back said yeah u got 250 but that’s it but not in a nice way. They said I don’t know what ur talking about they said how can I make this right I said u pay all the fees they said I can’t do that till fri I said well I already contacted western union and the newspaper they said do u want me to send your money back I said yep knowing I would never receive it. So moral of the story think before you act I was devastated and I am now scammed of 250 dollars yes it was my fault I learned a lesson but I never want this person to do it to someone else.

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