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Dr Bettcher- World Health Organization Scam or Legit? Check Dr Bettcher- World Health Organization Reviews below.
Paul –

Victim Location 30157

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Employment

"Dr douglas bettcher" texted me w a job offer in which I would be paid $100 per research study completed and $25 / hr to run errands. He then sent emailed job specifics and texted me for about two days asking if I could accept the offer. I was skeptical at first. But I accepted. I was told I wouldn’t have to open a checking account with USAA because that was "the most secure way to receive my payments". To open the account I was told to download TeamViewer on my computer so that a mysterious representative could access my computer and help me open an account. I did not have any military affiliations so they said "a volunteer" would allow me to use them as a reference. I watched this person type in someone else’s information so that I could proceed with opening my account. I had to call and get my debit sent and "dr Douglas bettcher" insisted that I get it expedited because I would need it for "funds" to run errands. So I got the card expedited. I was sent a research study to complete , I did. The next day (Tuesday June 20, 2017) I received a message saying:

A unit of the project team which handle field research and setups are working on different areas at the moment so you would be handling distribution of the funds needed for them to carry out their tasks. You would be paid instantly an hour for the errand.

I went to Walmart and was asked to fill out two money gram forms.

One for $1,450 to the alleged research head Matthew Como in Zionsville, Indiana

One for $1,455 to the alleged Logistics Manager Mark Didea in Crownpointe, Indiana

I filled out the moneygram form and was told the money would be added to the bank account I opened and available for me to send. I asked how that was possible when I didn’t provide account information. And the response was "the rep that helped you open the account send your account number to us"

After that they asked me to go look for a desktop and a printer with certain features that could be used for a seminar in my area. Almost 30 minutes when by and I hadn’t received the money. So they told me to go sit and my car and wait.

I left with my family to go get some food. My mom said it seemed like a scam after she heard the amounts of money.

Almost 30 more minutes passed and they informed me that the money was deposited into the account (over $4000) remind you the amounts to be sent via money gram was only $1450 and $1455.

I was eating so of course I didn’t respond. Dr Douglas Bettcher and one of his "reps" by the name of John blew my phone off the hook. Calling back to back and sending thretening text messages almost immediately after they deposited the money and hadn’t heard from me within 2 minutes.

They told me they would have authorities come to my house and arrest me. Told me they would call my references and tell them about my crime. Told me they’d mess my life up and that they had my SSN. John sent me a message saying "why do black people always try to rip you off".

I then texted Douglas and mentioned how I knew it was a scam due to how unprofessionally they handled the situation and their hostility because they thought I stole money minutes after not was deposited. He tried to apologize and say they weren’t racist.

They called my best friend who I put down as a reference and harassed her saying they want the money and would report her too.

I texted saying I’ll send the money back because I didn’t want any affiliation with wiring that much money. They sent someone’s account information to me.

I attempted to login to the mobile USAA app. And it told me that I was Locked out of my account.

I told Douglas bettcher that I could. Or access it and assumed they had tried to hack my account (either to send the money back to themselves or so that I couldn’t access the money).

He says they reported my account because they thought I was stealing. (All of this happened within 30 minutes)

I wondered how they could report MY account. (They must know someone working for USAA)

Anyways. I called the bank to check for a balance and was informed that a note was put on my account stating that the bank was closing my account (open for 3 days)

Normally you get a notification of a bank plans to close your account.

Then later on a spoke to someone else because my mother didn’t want them to get away with this scam.

The USAA representative that I spoke to said that I shouldn’t have been able to open account due to the fact that I have no military affiliation. She took some information from me and mentioned that their identity department was already investigating the account and saw that it was a fraud case. I was told to file a police report and a complaint on bbb.

I was being used as a middle man to wire money across the US.

Be aware of these people using WHO as their business front.

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