Dream Maltese Puppies

Dream Maltese Puppies Scam or Legit? Check Dream Maltese Puppies Reviews below.
Erin –

Victim Location 98409

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My girlfriend got excited about getting a puppy and told me about this site. I went to it and I pretty much knew this site was a scam because of the way some words were written in the description and on the website. The usual signs of a scam. So I emailed them and naturally, I have to wire them money in order to get the dog. I told them today, a Wednesday, "It just so happens I live right here in Arkansas so I can just come on down and pay you the money in cash." This fool said, "Well we are only open on Monday and Tuesday, and we can’t guarantee your pup will still be available, so in order to ensure you get your puppy you could send a deposit." From then on I was just messing with him like he is doing to everyone else. I told him they were a fake site and scam artists and then he said he had all my information and I would be hearing from their lawyers. I told him I can’t wait to hear from them and that he had none of my information because it was fake just like his website. I feel bad for the folks that have been scammed by this [censored] and I hope there is some way their website can be taken down. Obviously they can just create a new one, but small victories can help with deterrence. Thanks for your time.

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