Dungeness Crab Association, The Super Crab

Dungeness Crab Association, The Super Crab Scam or Legit? Check Dungeness Crab Association, The Super Crab Reviews below.
Joseph –

Victim Location 11566

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Other

On Facebook, back around Thanksgiving I was sent a post by friends, to an event called the " Hot Garlic Crab" feast. This event was being advertised to be held in Brooklyn at the United Community center on New Lots Ave in Brooklyn. They were using RegOnline at the time to purchase tickets. I spoke with several friends and we all agree to go in on a VIP table for $500. Which I bought on my credit card. Just before Christmas last week, I had some other friends inquire about purchasing tickets, as my table was filled. I sent them the link to the website http://www.dungenesscrabassociation.com, where it stated tickets purchased thru RegOnline were not valid and they posted a phone number to contact for a refund. I called and got a man on the phone who works for RegOnline, who told me there was some type of fraud mixup and that he would need to refer me to the support team. I have since gotten a case #, but was told they are not responsible for my refund. I also emailed the Crab association, got no response Well as it turns out, this event is a scam. There is no festival and the Community Center had no record of this. They have since posted a scam warning on their website http://www.ucceny.org/ As of today, Dec 29, 2015, the Crab association is still selling tickets to events that are not going to take place. They are using Groupon and now a new ticket seller listed on their site to sell tickets. I have filed a report with my CC issuing bank who has created a file. I have also filed a complaint on the FBI Fraud division site. You can go to the website and look up all the cities that are listed and see for yourself that they are still operating and racking in loads of money from unsuspecting folks like myself. If you go to their Facebook page Dungeness Crab Association, you will see the 1000s of people who have purchased tickets and plan to attend. Could get very ugly come the day of this fake event. They have 21 cities listed on the ticket page of their website. Please do what you need to stop these thieves.

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