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Victim Location 60645

Type of a scam Home Improvement

While my husband worked in the front yard the scammer – not known at that time – stopped by with his truck and talked to him. He claimed his (now deceased father) had done our roofing years ago. His truck had the ScamPulse.com symbol on the side and his Proposal Form had a large ScamPulse.com symbol. The company name was I 80 Construction (708-677-6811). After a quick look he was going to replace the rubber on the East side of the house house for less than $200. Then he said he could do a cement seal, but we had to pay for the cost of the cement at $79/pound. He did NOT give an estimate for how many pounds it would take. But my husband misunderstood him and gave him the ok. 2 Co-workers did most of the work. All through out they were very polite. When it was done, it all looked very nice and was verbally guaranteed for 5 years. However the bill turned out to be $3,500. We agreed to pay it.

He did NOT take a credit card or check. He was willing to go to the bank with me to get the cash. I told him I did not have that amount in my checking and would have to do some moving around. He finally agreed to take a check, but make it out to another name (Lisa Ely) – not the one on his paperwork. I started writing out the check, but with a notation of the work mentioned in the bill and his "Company name" dated for tomorrow, when I could possibly have transferred money. The bill and the business card that did not have a printed address. He was reluctant to give it but my husband finally got it out of him and wrote it on the bill – 3259 159th Street, South Holland, IL. Another strange thing is that the "contractor" had my husband fill out everything on the proposal, and the contractor’s illegible signature is the only thing in his handwriting.

Since I was suspicious I wanted to take a picture of his truck, but he told the driver to move away before I could do so. Then I tried to take a picture of him and also of one of the workers, but they blocked their faces. Then HE TORE UP THE CHECK AND GAVE IT BACK TO ME.. So we did NOT lose any money but I am scared of possible revenge. 1 Hour later he called, pretending to be the supervisor, and started giving a sob story. My husband caught on by the way he addressed my husband so he ended the conversation. Below is the picture of the fleeing car. I also do have pictures of them covering their faces as they sped away to the car. And of the proposal and business card.

Based on the suspicious behavior I’m filing this as a SCAM report.

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