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Evelyn –

Victim Location 62522

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by email offering a position as Procurement Purchasing Clerk. Then the next job offer was the position of Procurement manager. I only was contacted by Kevin Gump HR Manager. I was told I would have a supervisor by the name of Brust. Your supervisor Mr. Brust is on the business trip till the end of the week. I never had any contact with Mr. Brust. Your first two weeks in our company are pointed as a probation period.

You will make purchases by the needs of the company. The main

responsibility is to buy different goods and services in your local


You will get corporate credit card in 15 days from your start. You

need to complete successfully your 2 weeks probation period and finish

7 purchase orders(PO) as a minimum. Due to security reasons during

these 15 days you can receive company funds to your personal credit

card. You will use personal Authorized access to the corporate bank

account. Your access to the company’s finances allows you to manage

funds yourself and initiate payments to your credit card at any

time. We don’t need any banking information (such as credit card number

or account number) from you. Your full name is enough for

authorization. Money are paid to your credit card in advance. No

payment back (you use company’s money to make the order). You will

receive company’s funds as an available credit. The first order should be minimum $1,500.

You are authorized to pay off your credit card’s current balance.

Please note that you should not pay off the full current balance

amount because your bank could close the credit card as a fully paid

off. You should use our account at Wells Fargo to pay off your debt.

You should contact your issue bank and pay off your current balance

from Company’s Wells Fargo account. This is a simple operation that could

be done on-line or over the phone. Here is our account information:

Routing Number: 111900659

Account number: 1649227087

Account Type: Saving

Account Nickname: Joan M Dale

I asked for more information to setup this action and received the info below:

First, you should the attached Payroll Form so we could send you your salary and commission.

Second, please check two attached examples of Amex and Chase online payments.

My banking facility does not have the option of paying being made be another payer, so I submitted an application for a credit card and performed the first purchase. I setup the payer account when I received the credit card, did the purchase, and sent in the confirmation information. The details of the first purchasing order is below:

You should purchase $500 (preferred) or $100 or $50 gift cards.

Here is the updated list of gift cards we are interested in:

Preferred are:

Target Gfit cards

Walmart Gift cards

You could also purchase:

Best Buy cards

Lowes cards

Home Depot cards (only $100)

You could purchase these cards at any local retail store: Lowe’s,

Simons, Walmart, Target, Bestbuy etc.

Please call your Bank(s) and warn them about your future purchases


Purchase any quantity of any type of these cards according to your

available credit. Use the whole credit limit if you want to increase

your purchasing power and commission rate.

When you are done with purchasing – scratch off the silver bar and

provide me with the scan/picture of all digital codes and receipts.

Send all receipts in a separate image file, don’t mix them with cards.

All pictures should be light/middle weight, but all digits should be

easily recognized! The best solution is to take a picture in a good

resolution and then optimize/compress it.

To optimize your pictures use RIOT Optimizer(free) for Windows Or

ImageOptim(free) for Mac. Some cards don’t indicate their balance –

please sign them, so we could identify their amounts.

Your approximate commission for the first order is 7% of the total

amount used for purchasing.

As soon as the transaction will be posted at your credit card and the

current balance will appear, you should use our account to pay off

your current balance.

I was able to payoff the balance from the company account. Then every email I sent came back with an error. This is the last email I have received.

Haven’t heard from you since last week. Everything is fine?

Did you make a transfer from company’s bank account?


Kevin Gump, HR Manager

iConnect Trading, LLC.

(646)755-9855 (9am-6pm EST)

The last email I sent:

I guess this has proven to be a scam. I don’t suppose I will get the money owed for the one purchasing order that was processed. No need to contact me if this is received.

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