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Darrell –

Victim Location 72022

Total money lost $521.62

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

To start off, I am a single mother who is pursuing a Graduate Degree and currently teaching Kindergarten with my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. Since I was a young mother, I racked up quite a few credit cards bills that recently became judgements while few are still just in collections. I got these credit card accounts while in undergrad, having had a newborn baby, and did not realize the impact it had on your life choices if you had horrible credit. I’ve finally built up a bit of credit, however I needed to do something else to help. I was contacted by this Company after applying for some debt consolidation loans for helping to build my credit. The person I spoke to, Kimberly Orton, seemed very informed and thoroughly trained on what I could do for a debt consolidation loan and what steps for me to take. She sent me legitimate documentation, thorough explanation, and was very persuasive with her deliverance of my options. Option 1 was to have a co-signer for the $5000 loan I was to receive with credit and annual income stipulations. Option 2 was to give 3 monthly payments before processing the loan as a collateral payment, resulting in not having a payment due for 3 months after receiving the loan. With my situation, I do not have the adequate co-signer support that was needed, therefore I had to go with Option 2. Again, the paperwork I was sent and faxed seemed to be a legitimate business. I noticed a few things that were odd about the font in the paperwork, but I really needed this loan for consolidation help and get me back on building my credit. I overlooked it, and called Kimberly back. I asked her a few questions about who I was sending money too, why did it have to be money order, how long she had worked for this company, and if I could get any further information on my loan lender. Mrs. Orton stated I was in good hands. She has worked for this company for about 10 years, and the lender is a personal lender who lives in Canada. This is why I was to send a money order, in the amount of my collateral, to this man whose real name could not be given. She assured me she has done this and always seen success with her lenders. I second guessed myself. Called my boyfriend and talked with him because something was telling me not to do it. I called Kimberly back, only to get that “her voicemail box was full.” Odd. I called back about 15 minutes later and she answered. I spoke to her a little more, only to be convinced to do the loan. I went along with what she told me to do, send the money order to Michael Scott in Ontario, Canada and he would receive the collateral, call her, and we would proceed with the loan. Everything seemed fine. About 2 hours later I receive a phone call from Sunshine Financials services and it is a guy named Trevor. He called to tell me they couldn’t process my loan because my credit score was lower than when they checked it previously and they needed 3 more months of collateral to continue. I was speechless. I did not have another $521 to send to them. He said that was fine, he would cancel the loan and in 30 days my refund would be processed with their monthly billing cycle, received by check in the mail. It has been since July 23, 2018 this happened. Well over 30 business days, much less the monthly billing cycle date he projected to me being August 30, 2018.

Do not fall for this.

I could’ve gotten some of my loans forgiven with the money I put up for this loan. It makes me sick! It makes me sad that there are people out there who can even live right knowing they’re scamming innocent people who have children and just want to better their life.

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