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Jay –

Victim Location 35811

Type of a scam Tech Support

The popup said that the computer was infected with the Zeus virus and information was compromised .called 800-466-1025 after long spell about ‘proof’ of Zeus, they got permission to run my computer (my bad) and said the repair was $249.99 for a five year period. Unfortunately, I gave them my bank routing & account and a check number before we checked the internet on my husband’s computer and found out it is a panic ware scam. When they called back to say it was completed, we informed them that we were stopping the check. They then took over my computer, added the Hurr Durr , called again. When we persisted in demanding they cease and desist, they shut down my computer . When I tried to restart it, my password doesn’t work. I was also given the ‘direct number’ for Viktor Gonzales 1-888-860-0391 ext 404 and the screen tracking to their control said Mike Thomas was in control. I’m taking the computer to Geek Squad to be repaired.

Micheal –

Victim Location 34609

Type of a scam Tech Support

Said my ip address was hacked, send $100.00 cash via western union to: BAPPA PAUL, INDIA. tomorrow or all

My information will be compromised.

Dana –

Victim Location 10128

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a message on my home computer from a " certified Microsoft technician " , from a company named Infotech, a representative named Lavi Sidana, reporting that my computer had " problems " ( which i did not have ), on a tel # 1 888 314 2770. She allegedly , after" hacking" into my computer, required insistently that I pay $ 349.99 for 1 year of "service ". I responded that i would obtain my own technician to verify if there indeed a problem existed. After we disconnected the phone call, the computer failed to work well.This ois a scam and I would appreciate your help.

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