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Stacy –

Victim Location 21777

Total money lost $2,642.67

Type of a scam Employment

Sofia Francesca Baldi of Investicerto SRL contacted me on the possibility of employment and subsequently extend a cordial congratulations on the occasion of acceptance for the position of Realtor Assistant. "We are looking forward to a beneficial cooperation with you."


Personal Manager

Sofia Francesca Baldi

tel: 903-385-7278

Investicerto Srl


Sofia Francesca Baldi mailto:[email protected]"

Here is a description of the assignment:

Dear ***,

As I already told you, our customer that has chosen to pay for our services by check made out a check and mailed it to you through USPS. You are going to receive it next 24-48 hours in the mail.

Please keep checking delivery progress at website by entering USPS tracking number 9311769932000015309985. Please however, note that if tracking information is initially unavailable or incomplete it will get updated within next 24 hours). After you receive our customer’s check, please follow the guidelines below:

A. Confirm receipt of the check on the day received;

B. Cash the check or deposit it to clear if necessary* (see Note for clarification);

*Note: please note that if your bank requests depositing payments to clear according to established practices it is absolutely ok with us. Make sure to provide a deposit slip/transaction receipt

scan each time you deposit a payment to clear even for 24 hours or less (this document should indicate the date the check is scheduled to clear) and proceed once the funds are released. And this

procedure usually takes 1-3 business days. In really rare cases – up to 7 days (e.g.: if you have a newly opened bank account, you have not used your existing account for a while, etc.). Please, email a scanned/photographed copy of a deposit slip/transaction receipt on the day you deposit the check to clear, as we need to have this document on file to forward it to our client upon their request.

C. Once you have the money, please deduct and keep your remuneration.

D. Send me a report that the customer’s payment was successfully cashed, and after that I will prepare the instructions for sending money in accordance with the recommendations of our financial


E. Once you get the instructions, you should transfer the remaining amount as per instructions.

Please confirm your willingness to perform a second assignment. You have a good chance to demonstrate your great productivity and skills.


Personal Manager

Sofia Francesca Baldi

tel: 903-385-7278

Investicerto Srl

Please transfer the funds to our Supervisor in the USA:

1. Please take a free New Express Mail EP-13L Legal Size Envelope, please see the example:

2. Please buy a USPS shipping label for a Priority Mail Express, it costs $24.70 (just pay for the label from our part of money)

3. Please send me the picture of envelope and the receipt for the purchase of label to confirm that you took the right one.

4. Please fill out the required fields on the USPS shipping label (your and our Supervisor’s details) and send me a picture after that:

TO: Ivory Jeernove

1775 N Orange Dr unit 207

Los Angeles, CA 90028

Please don’t put your phone number for the security reasons. Please fill everything exactly the same way as I emailed.

5. Please attach the filled USPS shipping label to the USPS envelope. Note: The delivery option "Signature Required" on the USPS shipping label is not required.

6. Please put the cash in amount of $2480.00 (it should be large amount without coins) in the USPS envelope.

7. After that please send it using any local USPS mailing box at your closest location (Post Office has also such boxes for business correspondence). Make sure

that you use only USPS regular mail boxes and do not use any other shipping facilities. Please do this operation at home, so that there are no unauthorized

persons around.

8. Send me a report that a package has been sent to our Financial manager. Also send the pictures and USPS Tracking Number to check the delivery status.

9. When this package received, you will receive a confirmation about successful completion of this task.


Sofia Francesca Baldi

After waiting what I thought was a sufficient amount of time, and upon checking with my bank to make sure funds had cleared, I withdrew money per the instructions around 14 days after depositing the check. The check in the amount of $2642.67 subsequently was returned 28 days later. Thus, I am out those funds.

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